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05 Nov 2019

Rennes, October 7, 2019 — Passion, quality and innovation are longstanding values now being taken to a whole new level with the eSwap Pro Controller — the latest technological marvel from legendary gaming hardware brand, Thrustmaster. This brand-new controller has been designed to meet the needs of competitive, ranked gamers itching to compete at the highest level. Thrustmaster have worked closely with Sony Interactive Entertainment to optimize the officially licensed pro-controller for PlayStation®4, ensuring seamless compatibility and performance. Its ground-breaking design integrates all the ways in which top players have spent years mastering their skills on a gamepad. The eSwap Pro Controller delivers amazing new levels of precision and response speed combined with a modular design for incredible results. This new hardware represents the dawn of an ambitious new era of intense competition: exactly what Thrustmaster thrives on to innovate and offer tomorrow’s solutions for gamers today.

A Gaming Revolution

The brand-new T-MOD technology built into the eSwap Pro Controller is the result of an in-depth study of the ways people use their gamepads. Leading competitive gamers look for ultimate flexibility in the way they play their games, and the ability to arm themselves with the very best controller to help them climb up the rankings in never ending competitive play.

Thanks to the Hot-Swap feature and the ability to instantly swap any module on the gamepad at any time, each and every gamer can now configure their gamepad for the perfect fit with each and every game.

Players armed with the eSwap Pro Controller will be able to seamlessly change the configuration and layout of their controller right before a game starts, to best suit the play style of their team, when choosing a new character between matches or even to make a change right in the middle of the action.

This technology allows users to instantly replace key modules during hard-fought and lengthy competitive sessions to provide a fresh set up and that necessary boost to focus 100% on the game at hand.

Alongside these powerful innovations built into the controller, a wide-ranging ecosystem of officially licensed eSwap modules and customisation packs, compatible with the main gamepad will enhance versatility and personalisation options for all users.

The eSwap Pro Controller has been thoughtfully designed so that all gamers can be totally flexible in how they play according to their own needs, or those of their team and to adapt their set up quickly, easily and intuitively.

Surgical Precision

Thrustmaster has designed the modules that are compatible with the eSwap Pro Controller to incorporate super-responsive tact switches, providing extreme precision, near-zero response times, and a greater feeling of control in games over a lengthy and extended lifespan.

Each of the gamepad’s buttons and D-pad directions can be activated more than 5 million times each in their lifetime and more than 2 million times for the pre-calibrated analog mini-sticks, which feature a shorter design for optimal precision.

An infinite modular ecosystem

The eSwap Pro Controller features a unique and unlimited ecosystem of officially licensed modules that will enhance both the aesthetic design of each individual controller as well as their performance. This forward-looking design philosophy has been implemented to respond to the needs of all ranked and competitive players.

An evolving set of varied modules and different colour packs will be available, allowing any gamer to create a version of the eSwap Pro Controller that’s right for them. The goal is to allow users to unlock their full gaming potential and show off their unique personality, enhancing their performance by using a gamepad that truly adapts to the gamer.

Players will be able to try out and mix new modules with differing textures, shapes and heights to ensure the best results in the constant competition in the world of ranked gaming.

Thrustmaster will also make sure to give gamers the option to purchase each of the eSwap Pro Controller’s standard modules separately later — helping players to be prepared at any moment.

The following is a list of the contents of the ecosystem’s first packs, which will be available for the gamepad’s launch:

  • eSwap Yellow Color Pack:
    • 2 long yellow triggers
    • 2 yellow and black grips with ultra-soft texture
    • 2 tall yellow and black analog sticks with metal joints
    • 2 alternative domed analog stick caps
    • 1 extra yellow and black D-pad
  • eSwap Silver Color Pack:
    • 2 long silver triggers
    • 2 grey grips with ultra-soft texture
    • 2 tall grey analog sticks with metal joints
    • 2 alternative domed analog sticks caps
    • 1 extra grey D-pad
  • eSwap Fighting Pack:
    • 1 unique circular D-pad
    • 1 fighting module with dual re-mappable buttons (5 and 6)
    • 2 long black triggers
    • 2 black and beige grips with ultra-soft texture
    • 2 exclusive stickers with images of Japanese fighting arts

A Stable, Wired Connection

The gamepad’s sturdy, braided cable allows for a stable, rock-solid wired connection avoiding the risk of any calibration problems, latency issues or lost connections that might disrupt a match or fight during a nail-bitingly close showdown.

Using a wired gamepad is a simple and effective measure that users can take, allowing them to boost their gaming performance by avoiding any potential interference that might stand in their way.

Thrustmapper: The Software Ally to Help Players Reach Gaming Greatness

The extremely powerful Thrustmapper software makes it a breeze to configure all the settings competitive gamers may need, by creating customised pre-sets for different games or characters that can be fine-tuned for any specific requirement the user has. These pre-sets can also be used on PS4™, as well as PC*, in order to ensure problem-free performance in cross-platform competitions.

*Controller use for PC gaming not tested by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The ability to modify and adjust both the central and outer dead zones for the left and right analog mini-sticks and triggers makes this software tool for the eSwap Pro Controller a key ally for gamers as they battle their way toward the highest and most prestigious rankings.

The advanced Thrustmapper software also includes other extremely useful features to create completely customised gaming pre-sets, including configuring the sensitivity curve for the analog mini-sticks, programming buttons (all of which are re-mappable) and adjusting vibration.

eSwap Pro Controller key points:

  • Hot-Swap technology: for ultimate versatility
  • Super-responsive buttons: the feeling of clean, mechanical clicks
  • Optimal durability: with more than 2 – 5 million activations of the different components of each module
  • Pre-calibrated analog mini-sticks, featuring a shorter design for ultimate precision
  • Rock-solid wired connection
  • Infinite modular ecosystem
  • Thrustmapper advanced customisation software
  • Officially licensed by Sony Interactive Entertainment for sale in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Oceania and Russia and for use exclusively for PlayStation®4

Commercial details:

Europe, Middle East, Africa and Australia pre-order dates:

  • eSwap Pro Controller: October 7, 2019
  • eSwap Yellow Color Pack: October 7, 2019
  • eSwap Silver Color Pack: October 7, 2019
  • eSwap Fighting Pack: October 7, 2019

Europe, Middle East Africa and Australia commercial availability dates:

  • eSwap Pro Controller: November 5, 2019
  • eSwap Yellow Color Pack: November 5, 2019
  • eSwap Silver Color Pack: November 5, 2019
  • eSwap Fighting Pack:
    • Thrustmaster e-Shop: November 5, 2019
    • Retail and e-tail by end of December: December 24, 2019

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